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Muncie Mayor Not Seeking Reelection

Earlier this afternoon, an emotional Dennis Tyler announced to a room full of his department heads and the press that he will not seek reelection. At 76 years of age, he’s decided that he will continue serving as the chief executive for the remaining eleven months and then spend time with his children and grandchildren. […]

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Indiana Workers Just Got Sucker Punched by GOP

Hoosiers’ Income Lagging for Decades Muncie, Indiana Blog – As a journalist and progressive, it’s difficult to share these type of facts with workers residing in Muncie, Delaware County, and Indiana. Although each week and month we pay bills, we instinctively know that our incomes aren’t keeping up. We hear the Pope and national leaders […]

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Auschwitz Holocaust Survivor Eva Mozes-Kor Tells Muncie: “To Forgive”

Muncie Voice-Easter Sunday-April 20th, 2014 Muncie, IN Photograph: Top photo courtesy of Candles Museum. Bottom photo of Auschwitz Holocaust Eva Mozes-Kor Tells Muncie “To Forgive”; photographer, Aimee Fant, Muncie Voice. On Thursday April, 3rd 2014- Eva Mozes-Kor, 80, former Auschwitz Holocaust survivor/Menegele Twin of Nazi Germany, and current resident of Terre Haute Indiana, shared her […]

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Mayor Dennis Tyler Declares “Muncie Moving Forward”

MUNCIE, Indiana – This past week, City of Muncie Mayor Dennis Tyler gave the “State of the City” address to a packed house of attendees at the Horizon Convention Center. While the address is generally retrospective, I get the sense this is yet another symbol of spring, or the birth of a new life for […]

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Muncie Schools- Thrown under the Buses they Tried to Save; Waiver Denied

Muncie Community Schools- Thrown under the Buses they tried to save; Waiver Denied “Victory has a thousand fathers but defeat is an orphan.”- John F. Kennedy Muncie, Indiana- January 14th, 2014 The bus transportation waiver for which Muncie Schools applied was denied by the Indiana State Board of Education on Friday, January 10th, 2014. Muncie Community Schools will […]

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Glenda Ritz: “No Make up Snow Days for Indiana Schools”; Fights Disaster Capitalism

Photo taken by Aimee Fant at Murpah Shrine Club, Muncie, Indiana Glenda Ritz Stands for Common Sense Muncie, Indiana – As if Indiana needed another reason to support Glenda Ritz in her common-sense efforts to improve the Indiana educational system and keep it intact, according to Lydia Sheaks of the Elkhart Truth, State Superintendent Glenda Ritz […]

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Is Muncie Saving “Face” on Facebook?

Living the Lie You Always Wanted-Is Muncie  Saving “Face” on Facebook The math says “Yes.”     Image: Courtesy of “May your life someday be as awesome as you pretend it is on Facebook” There’s more to this story than Muncie’s Facebook users could ever care to tell. This meme on the surface is tongue in […]

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What Being the Whitest Black Guy Really Means in the Heartland; Checking in-50 Years After “The Dream”

What Being the Whitest Black Guy REALLY Means in the Heartland; Checking in- 50 Years after “The Dream” By- Aimee Fant   Photo: Associated Press, USA- August 24th 2013 How very easy it is to underestimate the significance of a great or small thing, when we don’t have a dog in that fight. That’s not to say that […]


The Power of Organization – Kenmore Neighborhood Association

Most of the time, monied interests manage to get their way without little opposition from Joe Q. Public, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Instead of recreating the scenario and giving you snippets of the November City Council meeting, we think the entire letter read by Stephen Kendall from the Kenmore Neighborhood […]


Burt Whitely Trust Fund Report Furnished

In our article dated February 22nd, we discussed the mishandling of city money by the former parks superintendent and then acting parks board president. The one item pending from that article was a formal review by the State Board of Accounts and legal counsel for the city. Tonight, we got the results of the review. […]