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Are you planning to get a luxurious type of house regardless of the house size and its interior design?  Well, you can make it happen! Never think that you need millions of money to get a simple yet elegant type of home you could have for your family.  Other people may do rearranging furniture, repaint […]

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Auschwitz Holocaust Survivor Eva Mozes-Kor Tells Muncie: “To Forgive”

Muncie Voice-Easter Sunday-April 20th, 2014 Muncie, IN Photograph: Top photo courtesy of Candles Museum. Bottom photo of Auschwitz Holocaust Eva Mozes-Kor Tells Muncie “To Forgive”; photographer, Aimee Fant, Muncie Voice. On Thursday April, 3rd 2014- Eva Mozes-Kor, 80, former Auschwitz Holocaust survivor/Menegele Twin of Nazi Germany, and current resident of Terre Haute Indiana, shared her […]