Systemic Racism & The Criminal Justice System

Muncie, Indiana Blog– In an ideal society, everyone is treated fairly with decency and respect. A general rule is to treat others with the same respect and kindness you would like to be treated with. The problem is when people only seem to remember this rule when the latter end applies to them. The golden rule […]

Government Wellness

How the Health Industry Fails Chronic Pain Sufferers

Blog – President Trump’s recent declaration that the opioid epidemic is a national public health emergency is a great start to tackling the crisis, but it also further brings to light the lack of chronic pain management available for pain sufferers. Currently, the main solution for treating chronic pain is to put out the fire with […]

Community Education

When School Funding Decisions Stop Being About the Students

  Muncie, Indiana BLOG – It’s an expensive endeavor to educate the children of the United States. Schools require funding from the state, local, and federal levels in order to give children the education they need. And yet, the funding is not enough. The amount of funding and allocation of those funds is in such […]


Should You Get a Side Hustle?

  BLOG – What is this thing that all these millennials are talking about recently? A side hustle? It sounds illegal. Don’t lie. You are probably secretly wanting one. There are many reasons why it looks so appealing — because it is a good idea to have one. 1. More Money The number one reason […]