Gannett and Mayor Still Bitter

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The Star Press just can’t help themselves.

Their columnists spent 4 years spinning stories of a renegade mayor cleaning up Muncie from the “good ole boy” network, completely forgetting that a Republican Mayor operated Muncie for 12 years prior to her arrival, and did so while cooperating with a democrat controlled city council.

Even though she apologized to Dan Canan at the Canan Commons Ribbon Cutting Ceremony last week, for insinuating that Dan ran the City into an $8 million hole before she arrived, our Mayor continues to believe the rhetoric written by Star Press columnists.

We’ll have more about this story later today, and ask why the Star Press refused to print the article about a fellow journalist who was removed from a Republican hosted “after election” party for Mayor McShurley.

You would think a media outlet the size of Gannett would be outraged about quashing the freedom of speech.

Instead, they focus on a couple of excited democrats singing a tune from the Wizard of Oz. It sounds like we still have some bitter feelings from the locally owned Gannett paper!

Why all this bitterness, and resentment, from our local community paper?

Maybe it’s from their predictions, or wishes, of a republican sweep that would have protected their entrenched interests. The voters made a clear statement by ignoring the majority of the “picks”, we said, “we’re not buying it, TSP”!

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By Todd Smekens

Journalist, entrepreneur, publisher, DSA member, and ethical leader with a passion for truth-seeking. Enjoy cycling, yoga, meditation, and spending quality time with my daughter. Wellness advocate who practices servant style leadership.