Mourdock claims, “Pregnancy from rape is what God intended”

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The Republican Tea Party candidate for Indiana Senate, who earlier this year defeated long time Republican Senator Richard Lugar in the primary, shared a statement in tonight’s debate which will most certainly top the social media buzz. It might even eclipse Missouri’s nominee Rep. Todd Akin’s comment from this past August when he said “legitimate rape” rarely causes pregnancy.

When asked about his thoughts on abortion, Richard Mourdock said that pregnancy resulting from rape is “something that God intended to happen.”

If the lame stream media would put forth tough questions to these Tea Party Republicans, we’d most likely hear even more absurd comments, but the media protects them with soft, often canned questions to allow the candidates an opportunity to rehearse their response.

For those who might question such an absurd comment from a candidate for a Senate seat in the 21st Century, a video was posted on YouTube earlier tonight, but has since been removed. We do not know from who, but will provide an update once we learn who took it down and why. The obvious reason is so they could make money on it, so we found another video which captures Mourdock giving his awkward speech.


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