Occupy Muncie, or America?

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In a recent article addressing the October 4-5 poll by Washington Post-ABC News, it referenced that 70% of American’s have deep protestations toward Wall Streets financial institutions, and that has been the impetus behind the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movements across the U.S. You can now add Muncie, IN, as another “occupy” site when a local unity march takes place this coming Wednesday, October, 19. The march will begin at the Ball State University Bell Tower around 3:30-4:00pm, and then head south toward downtown. While in attendance this past Tuesday at the first organization meeting, our neighbors wanted to focus on the financial institutions in downtown Muncie, but also wanted Ball State officials to take notice. Once together, the group will decide whether to occupy a site downtown.

What is interesting about this poll, it also indicated that 68% of American’s look unfavorably on government in Washington. Maybe the OWS movements occurring across America has focused on a deeper source of frustration within the United States – money, and its connection to our political structure. The OWS movement is avoiding political influences and associated agendas. If you look at campaign coffers, both the Democrat’s and Republican’s accept large contributions from Wall Street firms, and therefore, are heavily influenced by their lobbyists.

Let’s hope OWS maintains distancing themselves from political influence, and charismatic leadership. Money and politics are inseparable, so with giant PAC’s representing lobbying interests all across the political spectrum, OWS must stay clear of both. So far, so good.

For those wanting to support the local Unity March in Muncie, you can join their Facebook page here. From there, you can gather information about the march, and join one of the working groups to get more involved. I’ve also provided a link to their new website here.

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Todd Smekens

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