Mistakes in Business: Common Branding Mistakes that You Should Avoid Doing

Your brand is what defines your business’ overall look, which is why it is essential that you build it thoroughly and deliberately in order for your company to grow successfully. If you think that all it takes for it to be successful is only to upload a good-looking logo and write a few lines in your advertisements, then you got it all wrong.

Many businesses had failed or were in a viral controversy due to some mistakes that were unavoided but was definitely can be prevented. You might have heard these kinds of stories wherein specific branding failures of some large businesses was discussed in the news that has resulted in doom for their once successful ventures. Want to avoid this kind of massive error? Then read on ahead as we tackle the common branding mistakes that you should look out for.

Insufficient Research on Competitor

Failure to research your company’s competition is a fool’s play. Especially if you are still beginning to tread the business industry’s unsteady wave. If you are still starting, researching the competition like gaining information or data will help you learn how you can differentiate your brand from the competitors and how you can compete with them side by side.

Additionally, you might be able to understand what the established businesses in your industry have done, instances like where they have failed, where they have succeeded, and on what area can you give your brand an advantage. The research that you should conduct should include products, target market, services, and other social platforms.

If you fail to comply with these things, then two things would end up your way. First, you might not be ready enough to compete with other businesses resulting to poor judgment and failure, second, you might end up replicating a competitor’s strategies, which would be a bad deal for your business.

Making Promises You Can’t Keep

As what was stated beforehand, your brand is a promise to your customers wherein you should meet the expectations that you have given the audience. With the pressure of the need to catch the audience’s attention, some businesses would make some promises that they usually can’t keep up with, or are too good to be true.

So, you should forget all the viral campaigns and stick to being faithful to your promises towards your customers, since the real test of your brand is whether you can keep your customers happy throughout the time of their transaction with your business. One of the most common mistakes in this field is the failure to align the brand experience with the brand promise; thus, you should think not once nor twice, but thrice! If your brand promises are in alignment with the knowledge you’ve been giving your customers.

Reinventing Your Brand Too Often

Some businesses tend to assume that branding is a quick fix to all of their problems—like some reset button to a game. This just means to say that they started focusing on short-term goals which have ended up to show any significant results, making them feel frustrated with their branding efforts. Thus, even before the brand has its time to develop fully, the shots are already withdrawn because of this reason.

This is a repetitive mistake in the business industry which some companies do not really understand since they are much too focused on developing a brand that would make them have a skyrocket company grow.

What some businesses don’t realize is that they are conveying the wrong message to their customers if they keep on reinventing their brand since that would mean that they are not really sure about themselves and on what they are offering to the customers. Also, keep in mind that if you keep on reinventing your brand, you will never be able to establish a connection between your customers and your brand. Thus, the brand reinvention shouldn’t be taken lightly like you are just changing the colors of your office.

Not Focusing on First Impression

Time and time again it had been a constant reminder that first impressions are essential since they are the ticket way for your customers to come back or patronize your business. Your branding is the first step to entering the marketplace, and this should be your top priority before trying to think of making money. The money will eventually get back to you if you focus on your branding and first impressions.

Your product packaging design is one of the things that could contribute to good or bad first impressions since it is the first point of contact between your brand and customer.


The business world is harsh wherein the fittest will survive. Thus, if you want to make your business stand through time, you should avoid these common mistakes, especially if you are still starting. If you are one of those sprouting businesses, then here’s a tip-off: use every nook and cranny of your store to your advantage. For example, is creating a creative store sign like getting artsy with aluminum signs to catch your customers’ attention and lure them into your store.


Analisse Weathers is a freelance creative writer. Her experience in digital marketing coupled with an interest in tech entrepreneurship makes her a fine contributor in the field of business and internet marketing.

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