Waterboarding Protest at The StarPress in Muncie


Local Waterboarding to Protest Lack of Media Coverage for Gitmo

Local protesters have taken it upon themselves to inform the public of the conditions of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.  Several activists will be performing a public water-boarding on Friday, May 10th at 11:00am in front of the downtown office of the Star Press followed by a hunger strike.

The protesters are claim that local mainstream media does not properly engage issues meaningful to the lives and principles of democratic citizens.

“Local media has the responsibility to inform the citizens of a democracy regarding abuses of governmental power”, say local activists.

One activist is planning to be publicly waterboarded as part of the protest and would like to be anonymously referred to as ‘Inmate #1776’. The protester and his colleagues have been involved with local and state level activism for a number of years.

“The continued mistreatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay must be addressed in a manner that will give Americans a more direct example of our practices worldwide,” states Inmate #1776. “If I did not have to read about these issues through foreign news sources I would not be doing this,” he adds.

Although the practice of waterboarding may be a thing of the past, recent stories of a hunger strike in Guantanamo have been followed by news of several inmates being force fed when they have refused to eat. This has angered some human rights activists who feel that our government is violating the rights of those prisoners, many of whom do not have very solid cases against them and are being detained indefinitely.

Inmate #1776 says that the public waterboarding will only be the beginning of his protest as he hopes to begin fasting on Monday, May 13th in support of those prisoners. “I will fast until the ten major news agencies in Indiana run front page articles on the hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay.”

He calls this protest the ‘Hunger Strike for Journalistic Integrity’. Inmate #1776 wants newspapers including the Star Press and the Indianapolis Star to “realize the necessity of informing the public regarding our government’s practices in order to preserve our democracy.”

Learn more and find daily updates on Inmate #1776’s “Hunger Strike for Journalistic Integrity” at: tiny.cc/inmate1776.

To learn more about the Guantanamo Bay Prison, visit: www.hrw.org/topic/counterterrorism/guantanamo.


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