Muncie Action Plan Community Update


Muncie Action Plan (MAP) coordinators presented a report to the public the last two nights at Southside High School and Central High School regarding MAP’s accomplishments over the past two years.

In usual MAP fashion, a short presentation was followed by small break out sessions to generate ideas for future projects to improve the city.

Muncie Action PlanAccording to Jamie Greene of ACP+ Visioning & Planning, there were 47 actions organized into five different initiatives. Thirteen of these actions were identified as priorities by the community and were part of the implementation agenda.

A MAP Report Card was provided to attendees highlighting Status, Acceptable Progress, and Board Commitment to Action for each initiative.

The top five action plan items from 2010 were:

1. Uniform Code of Ethics for local government. (Action 2.4)
2. Sidewalk and recreational Paths Plan. (Action 4.2)
3. Coordination plan for relocation of Ivy Tech school downtown. (Action 1.5)
4. Continue and expand the blight removal program. (Action 4.3)
5. Create an economic development plan expanding competitive-wage jobs. (Action 1.2)

Of these top five plans, only one has really failed to make any progress and that is a code of ethics for local government. As written about previously on Muncie Voice, we believe The StarPress government reporters were responsible for the chaos in the community between the previous Mayor and local officials. Since the previous Mayor failed to get reelected, the turmoil has subsided so it will be interesting to see if participants still perceive a code of ethics as a priority.

It’s worth repeating, as opposed to creating a controversial atmosphere to sell newspapers, the Gannett owned paper would be a better community member if they acted like responsible journalists and held both the private sectors and public sectors accountable in equitable fashion.

All other priority MAP initiatives have shown acceptable progress, or have been added to other plans developed like the Downtown Muncie Redevelopment plan.

We’d also like to congratulate Jim Wingate for his outstanding leadership in renewing our neighborhood associations. Before MAP, we had 10% participation, and with Jim’s leadership and active neighbors, reports are over 60% of Muncie’s neighborhood associations are active.

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