Hoosiers Can Report Tax Fraud Anonymously


Revenue Department Helps Hoosiers Report Tax Fraud Anonymously

INDIANAPOLIS — Fraud and identity theft continue to be the number one concern of all tax agencies in 2013. Incidents are on the rise, and efforts to combat those illegal activities are also on the rise.

In fiscal year 2012, the IRS initiated approximately 900 identity theft-related criminal investigations, tripling the number of investigations initiated in fiscal year 2011. Direct investigative time applied to identity theft-related investigations increased by 129 percent over that same period.

The Indiana Department of Revenue also is seeing impersonation scams increasing during this tax season. They can take the form of email, phone calls, websites, letters and even tweets. Scammers might also use a phone or fax to reach their victims. If you receive a paper letter or notice via mail claiming to be the Indiana Department of Revenue but you suspect it is a scam, contact the department immediately.

Although the department recognizes that most taxpayers are honest and seek to pay their fair share for the services they receive from the state, the department knows there are others who work hard to avoid their tax responsibilities. And, there are those who actively seek to gain tax refunds they are not entitled to receive – often using others’ identification information.

To help taxpayers avoid fraud, and to help taxpayers report suspected fraud, the department has launched a new fraud section to its website. Hoosier taxpayers can learn more about tax fraud and identity theft, read examples of how they can be affected, and report suspected tax fraud anonymously. This information and the fraud reporting tools can be found at www.in.gov/dor/4792.htm.

There are three ways to report tax fraud:

Call the 24-hour Indiana Tax Fraud Hotline at 317-232-2271.
Complete an online form at www.in.gov/dor/4788.htm.
Download and mail or fax the Tax Fraud Referral form to the department, available at www.in.gov/dor/4796.htm.

The department’s Special Investigation Unit Division, which has successfully investigated tax fraud cases for years, will look into cases reported by concerned citizens. Hoosiers who report tax fraud should note that due to confidentiality requirements, we cannot share the status of any investigation that might occur as a result of the information provided.

Fraudulent tax activities and identity theft are attempts to steal money from Indiana taxpayers. If you are suspicious of anyone or any activity, please do not hesitate to notify the department.


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