Super Bowl Ad You Didn’t Get to Watch


We hope everyone enjoyed Super Bowl XLVII between the San Francisco 49er’s and Baltimore Ravens, and congratulations to the Ravens for holding off a strong second half performance by the 49er’s. During the evening we got to watch many commercials as they compete for the best advertisements in this years center stage media event. Overall, we’d give the night around 3 of 5 stars.

However, there is one commercial that we didn’t get to watch because Big Media was pressured to take it off the air. Why would Coca Cola and Pepsi, the major players in Big Soda, fear a commercial so much they would force pressure on CBS to remove the commercial completely.

Real simple – it told the truth.

And Pepsi is already facing pressure from consumers via a Food Democracy Now protest due to their significant financial contribution to defeat the Prop 37 Food Labeling Proposition in CA. Pepsi contributed the third highest dollar amount behind chemical giants Monsanto and DuPont.

It still boggles the mind that corporations like Pepsi already label their products in 63 countries around the world, but refuse to do so here in America. So much for transparency, openness and democracy in our food system.

During the past 30 years, the consolidation among globally owned corporations under the pressures of diversification, operating efficiencies and pursuits of higher profit margins for investors, we are left with monolithic entities who have so much power, influence and money that they have bought up our entire government structure allowing lobbying firms to disseminate boilerplate legislation to be adopted by willing politicians in state and federal capitols from coast to coast.

These same monolithic entities control every industry and bombard our politicians with endless research done by hired academicians supporting their recommended bills and laws.

Therefore, they think nothing of using their vast marketing budgets to “convince” yet another giant to either pull an ad from the Super Bowl list of commercials, or we start placing our advertising dollars elsewhere. Seeing that all eyes look and measure the bottom line, work to meet or exceed analysts expectations, or meet return on investment goals, a company must oblige these mammoth budgets or face Wall Street’s selling pressure and scowls in the boardroom.

And just like when these monoliths bully our elected officials with millions of dollars in campaign contributions, when the same dollars are thrown at the media, guess who loses by getting false and misleading information – the consumer/citizen/public.

As for the commercial that was not aired tonight, it was an ingenious ad that directly attacked Big Soda and the harms it does to people and our environment. And, it didn’t have to use deceptive or misleading advertisement to attract our consumer dollar. It presents an honest commercial showing us there is a smarty, safer, more environmentally friendly way of enjoying soda.

It’s an ad that should appeal to us as consumers who are tired of feeling like our dollars are being stolen by devious business men and women and left feeling guilty about contributing to something we’re not proud of.

In reality, we did.

We didn’t use our critical thinking skills to make a quality buying decision and assess all the costs – both obvious and hidden in our decision. We choose out of pure emotion which has proven to be harmful to ourselves, others, and our environment.

Enjoy the commercial shown below, and imagine the benefits of this product to yourself, your family, neighbors and our environment. Did the commercial leave you feeling empowered to make a good conscious decision for the right reasons? Or, did it make you feel manipulated?

It’s time for Americans to demand a better way, and we can do that by making better decisions when voting with our dollar. Brand management is a buzzword these days in marketing circles, and brands that aren’t as socially conscious as their consumers will fail, and lose market share to more progressive companies.

Don’t let massive advertising budgets sway you into a bad decision you’ll regret as a consumer, and don’t reward Big Media for bowing under the pressure of Industrial Monoliths. How you spend your dollars has never been more important.


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