Film & Art Festivals to Attend in 2013


In any given year, there are enough film festivals and art festivals in the US to keep even the most avid aficionados occupied for a full year. A detailed discussion of all of them would fill an entire book, but here are a few festivals of mention on the 2013 event calendar.

Austin Film Festival

This one is at the top of the list not just because of the amazing array of films that are shown at the festival every year, but also because of the outstanding natural beauty of the Austin region. Readers who do not have their own transport are advised to make use of the convenient services provided by one way car rental.

This year’s festival takes place from October 24 to October 31.

The highlight of the festival will, as usual, be the outstanding selection of animation, narrative and documentary films – both full-length and shorts. Once again, there will be a number of independent films as well as more than one premiere. This is the perfect opportunity to see the films everybody will soon be talking about before they go on circuit.
Atlanta Film Festival

For nearly forty years, the Atlanta Film Festival has been one of the pre-eminent celebrations of the movie industry in the United States. It forms part of an elite group of 24 Academy Award qualifying festivals in the country.

Apart from being one of the longest running film festivals in the US, it is also one of the biggest. Every year, more than 150 new international, independent, documentary, animated and short movies are showcased here. These films are selected from more than 2,000 submissions which are received from all over the world.

One more reason to put Atlanta at the top of the list for this (and every other) year is that it is also the most widely recognized event in its category. Publications such as 10Best, Atlanta Magazine, Creative Loafing and Sunday Paper have declared it to be the best film festival in the country.
This year, the festival takes place from March 15 to March 24.


Interestingly enough, the world’s most lucrative art competition is not to be found in New York or in the rising patron city of modern art, Hong Kong, but rather in Grand Rapids – a small city in Michigan which is more likely to be known as a center of Rust Belt decline than groundbreaking photography and painting.

The competition was founded four years ago by Rick deVos, who currently owns the Amway Corporation. This year, it takes place between September 18 and October 6. The prize money is $650,000 – the largest sum for a competition of this kind in the world. Something else which makes ArtPrize unique is the fact that the winners are selected not only by a panel of judges, but by each and every one of the 400,000 visitors who flock to attend the art showcase.

ArtPrize has taken the daring step of democratizing the process of artistic judgment – and each reader has the opportunity to become a judge.

If you have suggestions for Film Festivals around the United States scheduled in 2013, leave us a comment.


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