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You never know when you’ll have an opportunity to make a positive impact on a persons life. We’ve posted several stories over the past year of ordinary people getting motivated to make extraordinary changes. Most of the time these people just tell you about it by saying thank you. Sometimes they tell you a snippet of their personal story. A few of them write and tell you about the impact made, and we are fortunate enough to share it with others.

The bike was donated by Cycle Fitness Warehouse in Richmond, Indiana. If you haven’t visited their incredible bike shop and 24/7 fitness center yet, it’s worth a short trip to Richmond. Your first impression once you visit their fitness zones and expansive group exercise rooms is why can’t Muncie have nice fitness centers like this. The answer is our market is saturated by the non-profit YMCA who pays roving CEO’s a salary of $130,000 to make no impact on local health and wellness.

We’d like to thank John Dils for making such an incredible impact on the wellness community in his market. He is truly creating “Life Changing Finish Lines” in Richmond, Indiana.

This letter was sent to us by John Govin and we’d like to encourage John to keep striving for the finish line in 2013 and look forward to seeing him at the Richmond AutoCar Sprint and TOUGHMAN event on June 1st.

To the gracious person who gave me my new bike,

I can’t begin to thank you enough for donating the LOOK 566 bike I won in the 2012 Richmond Autocar Triathlon. I’d like to tell you a bit about myself, so that you can better understand.

I’m a 29 year old guy, dad of two (soon to be three), I’m a police officer by trade, and I’m a weekend warrior in the Air National Guard. At a few different points in my 20’s, I’ve been terribly out of shape. At 5’10”, I’ve weighed as much as 245lbs. I was on blood pressure medicine by the time I was 20 due to my weight.

I started training for triathlons as a way to get in shape, and I absolutely love the sport. Now about 70lbs lighter, the sport of triathlon has become a hobby of mine (my wife thinks I’m obsessed).

The bike I rode in the Richmond Autocar race was a Raleigh 2005 model basic steel road bike. It was very heavy and a bit big for me. I’d had the bike since 2006 when I purchased it for about $500.

Now, I don’t toot my horn about being a public servant, or serving my country, but neither of my professions yield a high income. And with my wife as a stay at home mom, I simply cannot afford big upgrades on my own. None the less, I was still happy doing my hobby. A nicer bike was always just a dream that I never thought would come to fruition.

The day of the Richmond Autocar event, I was pretty pumped for my first race of the season. I didn’t have a great swim, loved the bike leg, and the run was decent. After the race, I convinced my wife to stick around for the awards ceremony. She is pregnant, and might have preferred to go home and be comfy, but like the great woman she is, she humored me. She knew I had been talking about the outside chance I could win a bike, and she knew how much this sport means to me.

However, she did tease me a bit. Prior to that day, I didn’t have a lucky bone in my body – I’d never won anything.

Well, sticking around after the event obviously paid off. I was overwhelmed when my name was called, and quite frankly still have trouble believing it. I’ve been able to make decent improvements on my bike times ever since.

So, thank you for donating such a wonderful bike which I could not have purchased on my own. I wrote on my Facebook wall something to this affect “God has always provided me with the things I need, but today he allowed me to have something I truly wanted, and for that I am grateful.”

Thank you again,

John Govin

On June 1st and 2nd, Richmond will host a Sprint Triathlon, TOUGHMAN and TOUGHKids events at Middlefork Reservoir. For more information about the fitness weekend events, check out America Multi-Sport’s website.


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