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We are pleased to announce the opening of Art and Soul Theatre Group in Muncie. This group of thespians plan to present several stage play productions each year. The group was formed by Phoebe Wantz, who owned Art and Soul by Phoebe Gallery, which was in downtown Muncie, and presently owns Art and Soul by Phoebe LLC.

“We want to present a variety of shows that are not commonly seen in local live theatre venues,” said Wantz. “Our group of repertoire actors include many seasoned community members who have appeared on stage in Muncie and surrounding areas over the years.” Local artists will also direct and produce the shows in various venues in and around Muncie.

“Our goal is to produce quality theater and present alternative subjects,” said founding member Jeffrey Rapkin. “Classically, community theater is constrained by budgetary issues and the need to ‘pack a theater.’ This can result in a formula of shows.” The members of Art and Soul Theatre want to remain free to choose interesting subjects and shows that will both entertain and stimulate audiences. Some productions may even include an academic discussion for interested participants.

Unlike other local theatre groups, Art and Soul Theatre plans to pay its actors. Most community theatre is performed with all proceeds used to support the institution. Volunteer cast and crew are rarely paid. “This is something that sets us apart from most other groups,” Wantz pointed out.

Art and Soul Theatre Group is pleased to announce our first production. We will present “The MOMologues”

This original comedy about motherhood rips away the gauzy mask of parenthood to reveal what all mothers know but don’t always want to talk about or even admit. It is hilariously funny as it takes four women through their trials and tribulations of pregnancy; from the joys (?) of infertility, through reading the same children’s books over and over and over, to finally seeing your baby get on that school bus. This play finds the laughs and tears of the early years of motherhood that will touch the soul of every mother out there. There is not a mother out there who will not relate to this!

Bringing the joy and frustration of motherhood to you on stage are Cheryl Crowder, Lisa Love, Wendy Carpenter and Missy Donahue.

JUST IN TIME FOR MOTHER’S DAY, there are two performances scheduled. Don’t miss this show on April 28 and May 5 at 5:00pm. Performances will be at Vera Mae’s Bistro. Ticket pricing and availability will be announced soon. 

Art and Soul Theatre Group meets weekly at Tuesdays at Vera Mae’s Bistro at 5:15pm. “We welcome new participants in our group,” said Rapkin. “Each new actor brings another voice to our projects, and a new point of view.” Anyone interested in joining or wanting more information is invited to attend our weekly meetings. We also welcome those who wish to have an enjoyable evening with fellow theatre folk.


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