Commitment is Key to Fitness Success


Are you getting ready for 2013?

This year is almost over and you’re beginning to plan for everything health, wellness and fitness starting next week. Congratulations, nearly 85% of all American’s are interested in becoming more fit at the beginning of each new year. It’s the #1 New Year’s resolution!

So how do we get from good intentions on January 1st to 66% of our county being over weight?

Indiana has dropped from a ranking of 37th to 41st in terms of health and wellness.

Why can’t we figure out a step by step plan of action, start slow and build a solid base of fitness? Why can’t we commit as a family, neighborhood, community to become more fit in 2013?

For years, enthusiastic members of the local Y had a running bet. At the beginning of January we would all put up $5.00 and count the new members crowding into the workout zone, classes, sauna and parking spots. 

Our wager involved waiting thirty days and then count the newbies again. Closest person wins the pot. The bet was won by the same person 3 years in a row! We all decided it just wasn’t a contest and not as much fun since the number was ZERO those 3 years. The ZERO club.

How can our community break this trend? Doesn’t everyone realize how important your health and fitness is to your family and your finances? How will the really unfit pay for new health insurance premiums? If your premium goes up $200-$500 per month, where will this come out of your monthly budget? 

Will you cancel dance classes for your daughter, or maybe cut out soccer for your son? Call off the summer vacation.

Does anyone want to know the secret to better fitness? How to get started and keep going? 

It’s simple. You have to make a commitment to an event. Register for your first 5k event and start planning. It will be your life changing finish line!

Committed Y members are runners, walkers, power-lifters, swimmers, skiers, triathletes, dancers, soccer players, wrestlers, step-aerobics fanatics, bikers, basketball players, racquetball players and so on.

Find an event you enjoy and make a commitment. Sign-up. Invest $20 or $50, or whatever it takes to get started.

Every new gym membership in America needs to come with a list of all the events that club sponsors. You should not even consider joining unless it has a beginners program, and if they don’t recommend a program for you on day one, I’d take your money somewhere else.

Unless of course you want to join the ZERO club in 2013. I did like winning the bet each year.

Tri Running & Walking Around is a fitness column dedicated to honoring all those who encouraging us in the past, revel in the great endurance sports history, and share with everyone all the events taking place in Central Indiana. We’ll inspire, report, and encourage everyone to tri, run, walk or swim to better fitness.


About Author

Steven Tomboni is the CEO of both America Multi-Sport, Inc. and Cardinal Aquatics & Wellness. He is a former Pres/CEO of the Putman County YMCA in Ottawa, OH and served as Executive Director of the Muncie Family YMCA. He also served as Race Director for the Muncie Endurathon before it sold to Ironman Triathlon.

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