Davis Chocolate Unveils ChocoLava: Liquid Candy Bar

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MISHAWAKA, IN – Davis Chocolate is excited to unveil their newest product: ChocoLava: Liquid Candy Bar in a personal single-serve pack. “With the low melting point of chocolate, it is a difficult item to enjoy in warm summer weather and Southern climates,” says Brent Davis, President of Davis Chocolate.

“With the ChocoLava: Liquid Candy Bar, you don’t have to worry about the product melting because it’s already in a liquid state. You can leave it in your pocket, in your car, or hold it in your hand without the worry of ruining the product. Just squeeze it into your mouth to get that chocolate fix.”

Along with the benefit of the liquid state, ChocoLava is healthier for you! Traditional chocolate contains high amounts of cocoa butter, which is mainly composed of saturated fat. By replacing that that fat with soy (higher in polyunsaturated fat), it makes for a healthier product.

You can also use the ChocoLava: Liquid Candy Bar as a single-serve fruit dip or ice cream topper. “Some compare it to chocolate syrup from a can,” Davis adds, “but those products tend to lose flavor when they use high fructose corn syrup. On the contrary, [Davis Chocolate: ChocoLava] maintains its rich chocolatey taste you would find in a traditional chocolate bar.”

Products can be found at locally at Indulgence Cafe & Bake Shop, Shelton Farms, Garden Patch Market, and online at Davischocolate.com.

Davis Chocolate is a small, family-owned “bean to bar” chocolate manufacturer located in Mishawaka, IN and the only one in the state. They make a wide variety of products from cacao nibs, ChocoLava (liquid chocolate), Peanutta (liquid peanut butter), Peanutta POW (powdered peanut butter), cocoa powder, and cocoa butter.

Davis Chocolate is able to customize products to fit your needs from recipes, ingredients, percentages, and packaging.

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