Election Day Will Send Clear Message ~ No More Excuses


For many, the polls closing at 6pm on Tuesday will be a welcome end to a very long running 2012 political campaign trail.

Others will experience jubilation after working hard themselves as candidates or in support of their favored candidate. We wish everyone on a campaign team good luck in the final hours.

Still others, will crank up the propaganda machine to barrage us with doom and gloom for the decisions we have made as a country.

The endorsements have been flooding the land of Twitter and cable news outlets. According to the reputable Nate Silver, Obama will lead the democrats with a victory.

Other sources will promote the negativity within body politic. However, public service is a very important role and vital to our growth as a society. The role of the public sector has been argued for centuries and this will continue long after the last vote has been counted.

We resent the extreme elements in our media circles today that cast blame on America’s lackluster performance in recent years on teachers, firemen, police, and government officials from clerks to Presidents of the United States.

We’ve taken a rather firm stand against these negative elements from the far right who are using propaganda to misinform and distract Americans about what is really going on and using “media sources” to spread lies and distortion.

To illustrate, comments made by President Barack Obama earlier this year about the private sector doing “fine” under his administration launched the Tea Party into action with the support of right wing propaganda talk radio hosts and Fox News network.

 They spent the primary election season and the remainder of the campaign talking about how Obama has been a “failure for the private sector” or how he is a “huge disaster for the economy” or even “Obama is a socialist who favors big government”.

The problem is none of it is true.

On Facebook, Twitter, and our website, we’ve been referring readers to one source after another indicating the claims are unfounded. All the adjectives and all the hyperbole are false. As our Vice President Joe Biden exclaimed during the vice-presidential debate, “It’s all just stuff!” We know what you mean, Joe.

Here are a range of charts showing that the private sector has been experiencing strong growth and record profits and employment growth under the Obama administration. They also reveal that the public sector has shown declines across important categorical benchmarks – http://www.businessinsider.com/the-private-sector-and-the-public-sector-under-obama-2012-6#first-here-are-corporate-profits-after-tax-theyve-gone-parabolic-and-never-been-higher-1.

As you can clearly see, the so-called democrat myth of “tax and spend” to make big government has not been reflected in the charts on public sector, but it has been beneficial to our private sector seemingly at the expense of teachers, public safety professionals and construction workers.

Can you imagine what the economy would look like had the public sector grown with the private sector?

We are not advocating for big government – we want readers to know that our government is not growing out of control.

However, we do feel it’s time for the army of Grover Norquist “lobbyists” to back out of Washington and let our representatives do their jobs for all of America. The plutocracy supported lobbying groups are bogging down the political process which we count on to work for the people.

We also can’t have certain political factions refusing to compromise in Washington. When did that become acceptable to the American people?

While Indiana has been a solid red state in years past, we think Hoosiers are joining Americans in sending a very clear message to Washington and Wall Street. When the chips were down and the financial industry was in ruin, taxpayers came forth and bailed them out.

It’s time we work together. Public and private sectors need to compromise to improve the lives of all Americans. When all Americans feel safe and secure that tomorrow will be better than today, then we can call “this great experiment” a success.

But, let’s face it, our tax system is unfair and needs to be fixed. We all know what the problems are so our representatives need to sit down at the table and fix them. No more excuses.

The trillions of dollars in offshore trusts need to come back to America so we can invest in our infrastructure and improve education. Start rebuilding our cities and towns. No more excuses.

We appreciate that Wall Street and investors require a 10% return on investment, but when those requirements cause Americans to lose jobs because companies need lower wages, then we have a problem. If we aren’t make America stronger with our decisions today, they are poor investments.

We not only want the Affordable Care Act, but we want our elected representatives to work at improving the healthcare system, not trying to defeat it. No more excuses.

The baby boomer generation is getting older and we need to make some tough decisions, and both sides of the political aisle will have to sacrifice the “ideal” negotiation. It requires compromise and the American people must know that we will not get a utopian system, but we want the best compared to other countries. We deserve it, and there are many working models to choose from, so no more excuses.

As for why we are sick, we want our elected officials to start holding Big Ag responsible for our failing food system. We’ve invested millions of dollars in research concluding that our existing food system is unsustainable and leads to diseases. Instead of burying these conclusions to protect lobbied interests and representatives who have conflicts of interest because they own big farms, we want you to use the media to inform the public so we can make better choices. No more excuses.

Michael Green wrote in the Huffington Post, “Independent doctors and scientists have warned about health and environmental risks from GMO foods, yet our federal regulators have let us down us by allowing these risky new foods to go unlabeled. Californians have the chance to address this situation by voting Yes on Prop 37 next week”.

We want our food labeled and we want corporate interests out of Washington so we can trust our government. No more excuses.

It’s time to hold both the public and private sector accountable, but it’s hard to accomplish this task if we cannot tell them apart. Is the USDA really serving the public or corporate monied interests?

Establishing a clear distinction between the two sectors is a priority. We anticipate that social media will serve us well in the next couple of years by holding both sectors more accountable and informing the general public of truthful matters while the plutocrat owned Big Media wants to control the stream of information to shape public opinion. They are making themselves irrelevant, so lets replace them. No more excuses.

Are we making presumptions and jumping to conclusions? Yes, we are well aware that election night results are still 48 hours away, but Middletown has been undergoing changes for the past two years. We can almost feel the momentum shifting across the country. It’s time for our leaders to lead because most Americans are tired of excuses. We’ve been misled for years…it’s wasting time and growing old.

As the great Winston Churchill stated, “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.”


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