Son Deserves Closure of Mother’s Murder


A young mother is brutally beaten to death and her five-year old son battered and left for dead.  The murderer is set free by the Delaware County Prosecutor’s office after flunking two polygraph tests, eyewitness places him at the scene, and alibi witness fails lie-detector test.

Fast forward thirty-three years. Five year old child grows up…still remembers the details of the murder yet case is considered cold.

Question of the day, or maybe question of the past thirty-three years – why has this case not been prosecuted?

The word has always been that the suspect in the case will “spill the beans” on many local “celebrities” and retired officials who frequent the court-house steps, and surrounding area.

Is it possible that to protect their story, the suspect is allowed to walk free and the young victim, who is now an adult, wears a hat to hide nine skull fractures he received from his mothers murderer. He continues to have nightmares, flash backs and has limited use of his right arm.

So, has Muncie changed in the past thirty years?

Will they allow a murderer to walk free among us to keep their dirty secrets hidden? Is the gravy train still rolling with dirty and corrupt money being exchanged…are they tired of the stink?

Will we be ready for the repercussions for seeking answers? Will we be threatened, intimidated, set up, humiliated, as when this case was first brought to the prosecutor?

Only time will tell.

Perhaps the town known as “Little Chicago” is tired of its poor reputation and will help the family finally have closure, and the man who murdered the young mother and left her young son to die, will finally be brought to justice.

Then again, I have always believed in fairy tales and happy endings.


About Author

Former Deputy Chief of Muncie, Indiana before the community accepted women on the police force. Linda is working on unsolved murders in our community, otherwise known as “cold cases”. Author of the book, From Corn Fields to Ganja Fields- The Journey Between.


  1. You would think that these “officals” and “celebrities” would feel some sort of guilt when they look at their wives and children. As a parent, I could never help someone get away with such an awful disgusting thing as this, and still be able to call myself a decent parent. It sickens me. I feel sorry for the wives and children of those so called “men”. It would be nice if not only the man who did this was brought to justice, but all of the people that helped cover for him too. But if it doesnt happen in this lifetime, there is always judgement day. I would be terrified if I were them…..all of them.

    • Todd Smekens on

      We absolutely agree with you tlora…it will be a healing process for many as we’re sure the guilty have been walking around in guilt for many years.