Neighborhood President’s Council Growing in Muncie


The January meeting of the Neighborhood President’s Council showed a 200% increase from the previous meeting with over 26 local citizens in attendance. This is great news for the City of Muncie.

Over the past several decades, citizens of our community, and across the country, have become more isolated and the knowledge of even one neighbor is rare, so participation in neighborhood associations has become almost obsolete. This lack of connectedness can explain several problems occurring across our landscape.

It doesn’t matter whether you attend meetings with your neighbors at Prairie Creek Reservoir, Whitely, Halteman, or Robinwood, the issues are the same – vandalism, abandoned homes and other code enforcement issues, drugs, snow removal, sidewalks and roads needing repair.

Jim Wingate from Muncie Action Plan leads the meetings, and makes them interactive, but moved the group quickly through the agenda respecting people’s time. Gretchen Cheeseman from community development explained the process for reporting an abandoned building/home, and the process it goes through before being demolished. The advice for reporting an abandoned home was call the Building Commissioners office at 765-747-4862. Craig Nichols is the department manager.

Another tool mentioned was the City of Muncie has partnered with the E-GOV system to report complaints and issues occurring in your neighborhood. You can either click on the links below, or go to Action Center webpage at

ADA Comments or Concerns(Inquires regarding any aspect of the City of Muncie’s ADA compliance and plan)
Animal Control
Building Commissioner
City Controller (Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Budgets, Income Statements, Payroll, etc)
Code Enforcement
Community Development
Fire Department(Non-Emergency general inquiry for the MuncieĀ Fire Department administrative division)
Mayor’s Office
Parks and Recreation(Report Park Maintenance issues, Tree Issues, etc)
Police Department(Non-Emergency general inquiry for the Muncie Police Department administrative division)
Street Department / Public Works(Reporting issues including: potholes, asphalt repair, sidewalks, street lights, traffic signals, etc)

Our local government is stretched beyond its limits and our public safety officers need assistance from active neighborhood participants. We cannot expect a smaller government to handle all our needs, so we will have to work together.

The next meeting is February 21 at 6:30PM in the Maring-Hunt Library. The presenter’s will be Steve Stewart, Muncie Police Chief with special guests Terri Whitt Bailey from Community Development. Mayor Dennis Tyler will be providing introductions.

You can also read more about the Muncie Action Plan at


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