3 Huge Food & Drink Brands Going Vegan in 2016


Food Brands Going Vegan in 2016

Muncie, IN NEWS – More people are saying no to meat and embracing plant-based diets in the U.S. than ever before, according to a 2015 Harris Poll, reports The Vegetarian Resource Group. Nearly 3.5 percent of Americans only eat vegetarian foods, while more than one-third of the population eats vegetarian meals at least once a week, with 10 percent making more than half their meals plant-based. Compare these numbers to a 2006 report released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which found only 2.3 percent of Americans only ate vegetarian foods. As education about the dangerous conditions and negative impact of factory farming increases, so does the number of vegetarians and vegans.

Several of the world’s most popular food brands are paying attention and introducing new vegan options to diners and drinkers. While brands like Oreo, Taco Bell and Duncan Hines have long offered vegan-friendly meals and ingredients, here’s a look at how Guinness, Subway and Starbucks are going vegan in 2016.

Guinness Bans Fish Bladders

Some vegetarians and vegans may not realize some of the beer they drink contains animal products. Isinglass, for example, is produced from the bladders of fish and is often used to clear cask ale of yeast, leaving trace amounts of fish products in beer. Vegetarian alternatives for the process include Irish moss and bentonite, but some beer companies continue to use isinglass without disclosing its usage to customers.

Guinness is an Irish stout brand that has pledged to stop using isinglass by the end of 2016, reports The New York Times. By using a new vegan-friendly filtration system, vegetarians and vegans can enjoy offerings like the Guinness Nitro IPA, a new smooth beer with citrus aroma, without concerns.

Subway Introduces Vegan Sandwiches

Vegetarian Subway sandwich noshers from Arizona to Australia have loved the restaurant chain’s veggie patty meat substitute for more than eight years, but the patty’s egg and dairy ingredients have left vegans craving their own “meat”ier alternative to raw veggies. In 2015, Subway introduced two vegan sandwich options, the Black Bean and Malibu Garden subs, to more than 1,000 U.S. locations, from Los Angeles to Florida.

Subway has even embraced a new marketing campaign to support the sandwiches, with language like, “Get your vegan on!” National nonprofit Compassion Over Killing launched the website WeLoveSubway.com, which boasts more than 16,500 comments imploring the chain to add the vegan offerings to more stores nationwide. Vegan Subway lovers can visit the site to view updates of new store additions featuring the vegan subs.

Starbucks Offers Vegan Ingredients

Coffee retailer Starbucks pledges its support for the humane treatment of animals with its Animal Welfare-Friendly Practices Statement, introduced in 2014, which established a buying preference encouraging its North American suppliers to provide cage-free eggs, gestation crate-free pork and humanely processed poultry. It also carries soy milk and introduced coconut milk in 2015 as dairy alternatives.

In 2015, a petition on Change.org for a Starbucks vegan food menu garnered more than 22,500 signatures and received a response from Starbucks. Company representatives say the chain is testing several vegan products and have vegan customers at the forefront of their minds, hoping to present vegan food options in the near future. With some of the world’s biggest brands like Starbucks, Subway and Guinness offering options to accommodate all nutrition lifestyles, vegans and vegetarians continue to look forward to more tasty plant-based foods and drinks from their favorite brands.


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